What is Drainage, and Why is It Important?

As you’re shopping for artificial turf, you’ll find that one of the most significant benefits of switching to synthetic turf is its ability to do away with puddles and wet spots in your yard. Unlike its natural counterparts, synthetic grass doesn’t accumulate water and creates hazards for your and your family’s safety. However, have you ever stopped to wonder how this can happen? The answer lies in your synthetic turf’s drainage.

Drainage is the factor in artificial grass manufacturing that allows liquids to penetrate your turf’s surface – this includes water, pet urine and everything in between! At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we want all our customers to make a confident, informed decision when purchasing their artificial grass wholesale, which is why we’ve put together some important facts about drainage and how it can affect your synthetic grass investment.

What is Drainage?

Drainage refers to the rate at which water flows through the unique backings that are part of every artificial grass product. Each backing is perforated to establish drainage – this can be done in several ways, depending on the purpose of the synthetic turf product. Following your synthetic grass installation, any liquids should now go through your artificial turf and into your foundation and sub-base.

Natural grass has its own drainage system, but it’s only as good as the grass itself – this results in inconsistent drainage and creates safety hazards and eyesores for your natural grass lawn. Synthetic grass backing perforations generally measure approximately ½ centimeter in diameter with a drainage depth of 30 inches per hour per square yard or more. As a result, you’ll have a backyard landscape that stays drier for much longer.

What Causes Poor Artificial Turf Drainage?

While it’s true that synthetic grass drainage is infinitely superior to its natural grass counterpart, it is not without its own drainage concerns. Any artificial grass surface installed securely and professionally will ensure maximum drainage after every use; however, you’ll still need to be aware of factors that could hinder the effectiveness of your synthetic turf drainage system:

  • Installation errors – Turf that’s improperly installed and misplaced can result in blocked drainage. Ensure that your installer’s measurements are calculated precisely for effective drainage.
  • Surface quality – Surfaces that aren’t level can lead to natural puddles, hindering your drainage’s effectiveness. Additionally, clay-based soil can block drainage due to its density.
  • Infill – Finding the right amount of infill is essential to effective drainage. Too much infill and your drainage will be blocked; insufficient infill will lead to an improper installation of your synthetic turf base.

How to Prevent Poor Drainage

Understanding your landscaping is the first step toward preventing drainage issues. Ideally, the best lawn for effective will have soil that naturally drains water, avoiding any intensive labor on your end. If you know that your yard is prone to water buildup, it may be best to consult your synthetic grass installer to find the best solution.

How to Improve Drainage

Finding a reliable and experienced synthetic turf installer can help you improve your drainage by recommending a drainage-friendly sub-base – using the proper sub-base will do away with any drainage problems you could encounter.

If your lawn has a surface that can hinder drainage, your installer can remove it and replace it with a higher-performance sub-base material, such as crushed or decomposed granite, limestone chat or washed limestone. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we can help you find an approved installer that is guaranteed to provide flawless results, including maximum drainage. Contact us today to find out more!

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